DIY recipe for cats with CKD

First, it’s really important to make sure your cat with CKD keeps eating. A lot of cats with kidney disease have trouble with their appetite and end up losing weight, so it’s important to keep them eating. The next most important thing is to ensure that the kitty is eating as little phosphorus as possible.

The recipe makes about 1 KG of balanced raw for cats with CKD, and can be scaled up for freezing or down. It replaces bone/bone meal powder with ground eggshell powder, which is very low in phosphorus.


  • 100g liver (any animal)
  • 100g heart (any animal)
  • 800g muscle meat, chunked or minced (fatty cuts are best)
  • 6g ground eggshell powder
  • 1 whole raw egg, without the shell
  • 1 cup water


  1. Combine all ingredients and mix together until evenly distributed
  2. Serve or store for later use (should last ~3 days in the fridge)
  3. If the mixture looks dry when serving, add more water